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Anger Management Psychoeducational Groups (Not your typical Anger Mgt. Program)! STARTS August 2018

Ready to learn how to manage your anger and develop better control over your destructive thoughts and actions? Do you desire more insight or a deeper understanding of the origin of your anger patterns instead of basic anger mgt, tips and strategies? If so, you have found the right Anger Management Specialist and program. At least 1-2 one-on-one counseling sessions are included in addition to the 6-8 group therapy sessions.

Program designed and facilitated a Nationally Certified Anger Management Specialist and Licensed Therapist.

Next Group Starts August 1, 2018-Get Registered Today- Slots are Limited

Let's create a new way of thinking ,behaving and living. Remember, regardless of your past..... YOUR BEST LIFE AWAITS!


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